Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Google Tasks or Remember the milk?

I have been using Remember the Milk for a few months now for trying to manage my tasks, both related to my job working for Ava (who produce Temporary Staff Agency Software) and also for day to day tasks like repairing the floor on Sirius!

I saw today that Google have announced they are now providing Task Lists in Google Calendar which I am sure will effect companies like Remember the Milk.

For me though, Remember the Milk still has the edge as they have an excellent little iPhone application that allows me to check my tasks whereever I am, and it also allows tasks to have a location associated with them, so I can see what are the closest things I need to do at any time. So for any of you travelling up and down the cut in your boats with an iPhone, it could be useful to you too, i.e. Remember to buy XYZ at a certain boat yard, or Milk at the next Tescos :)

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RW at plants by post said...

I am a big fan of OmniFocus for keeping track of my to dos. I have never tried Remember the milk though.