Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Oracle at Night with Sirius covered in Christmas Lights

First of all, Happy Christmas everyone!

The plan for today was to leave Theale in good time so that we could go through the Oracle shopping centre just as it was getting dark. Unfortunately we didn't take into account that we'd all like to stop for a pub lunch on the way, so by the time we got to Fobney Lock it was already getting dark.
Click on the image to enlarge itAs you can see, as we were waiting for Fobney Lock to fill up, the sun was gently setting over the horizon, both Melanie and Jeni had decided it was too cold outside, so they had retired to the living room leaving Alex and I to do the work! They did make us a couple of hot cups of tea, so all is well :)
Click on the image to enlarge itAlex Looking "Off his Head" again...
Alex was the main lock keeper of the day! Thanks Alex, it's always great to have your company. (Especially when you do the locks ;) )
Click on the image to enlarge itIt's not a very clear photo, but you can just about see the christmas lights all the way along the top of Sirius, and the little Christmas Tree!