Monday, July 05, 2010

Sirius is finally back home again!

I have finally managed to bring Sirius back to Berkshire after being moored for almost a year in and around London on the River Lee, Regents Canal, Grand Union Canal and of course the Thames.

It was good fun staying in London, but now Sirius needs some TLC and a good amount of DIY to get her back into shape. I am not looking forward to the painting!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Narrowboat heating

Well, my diesel heater was finally fitted near the end of November, a couple of months after I had hoped it would be, I wouldn't recommend Lee Valley boat yard if you want anything done quickly that's for sure, I was told the same by a fellow boater who had been living aboard moored near them for almost a month and in the end gave up waiting, I don't blame him.

I was somewhat stuck though, as they were the only people who I could find in the south east who specialise in Mikuni heaters and I wanted them to fully bench test the heater before fitting it, which they did and apparently everything is fine and the second hand heater I bought on eBay looks as though its never actually been used, so a good buy there :)

The next stage in getting heating fitted is of course ripping out the old pipework for the back boiler on my squirrel stove, getting rid of the old rusty radiators and fitting some nice new ones :)

I have ordered all my new radiators, pipe work fittings, HEP20 pipe work and values from a company called Discounted heating but unfortunately it seems the whole country is currently out of stock of 30cm high radiators, keeping my fingers crossed that their 2 week estimate is about right, I'd like to get them fitted when it is still cold to make all the hastle and money worth while :)

Friday, January 08, 2010

Narrowboat ice breaker photos :)

Hi All,

It's been a long time since I made a good post about my Narrowboat as I have not been on her for such a long time, hopefully next weekend will be the first time back on board for about 4 months, fingers crossed she is ok!

I just came across this blog post of a narrowboat breaking through the ice which I thought was worth a mention :)

Watch out for some new "heating being fitted" posts in the coming weeks as I spend a few weekends with friends fitting her out with central heating... luxury!