Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to change a fuel filter | Lister ST3 Fuel Filter

Over last weekend I thought Sirius had an exhaust leak until I realised that it was infact a fuel leak. The seal on the fuel filter had failed and hence it was dripping (well at one stage spraying) diesel onto the hot engine and then it was smoking.

I have ordered 3 new filters from Online Auto Spares who are a business selling engine parts via eBay, excellent service and Graham who has been emailing me is obviously very knowledgeable, thanks Graham!

Here is a photo of my Lister ST3 and the offending fuel filter:

Lister ST3 Engine
Lister Fuel Filter | Top View
Lister Fuel Filter | Side View

The fuel filters are very easy to change:

1) Turn off your diesel supply
2) Undo the nut on the top of the fuel filter (make sure you put something underneath to catch any diesel inside the filter.)
3) Remove the filter (make sure you don't loose the spring inside!)
4) Give the filter bowl a good clean with some kitchen roll or rag
5) Refit the filter using the new rubber seals provided with your new filter
6) Don't over tighten the nut

Bleed the Engine (I.e. get rid of the air in the fuel line)

1) Open the small nut just above the fuel filter as shown in the view from above.
2) Turn over the engine until fuel starts to come out of the hole and then re-seal it
3) If you have further bleed points do the same again
4) Then turn over the engine until it starts, simples :)

I hope this helps someone!


TT said...

Ha! Funny you should post about this, Chris! If only I'd seen it sooner! I recently tried to change the fuel filter, a job for which I was extremely underprepared at the time, despite having read up on everything I could find on the topic! I have yet to update the blog that far yet, but it'll make it to press soon.

Hope all is well!
Toby (NB Wilshamstead).

Anonymous said...

many thanks :) I think my boat may have the same problem re leaky filter - will check it out in spring :-D

Unknown said...

You are welcome, I glad you have found it useful. I am now a dab hand at it as I find to keep her running well its best to change the filter every 6-12 months. I guess it depends how clean your fuel tank is... mine being 37 years old, is obviously not very clean ;-)

Captain Flo said...

Great, thanks!! I have a similar Lister engine, and I know that there are a number of jobs I ought to be prepared to have a go at myself, when the time comes. This is just the sort of post I find useful!

Captain Flo said...

Just the sort of post I find helpful- especially as i have a Lister engine too and have been wondering how I'd go about changing the filter when needed.
Definitely one to bookmark!