Thursday, March 05, 2009

Window's have been repaired.

Hi All,

It's amazing how time flies when your having fun. I have now had the windows replaced by Marine Windows, they also added new sealant to the other 10 windows (at my cost) so hopefully that will stop a bit of the water that gets into Sirius, and maybe keep out a few of the spiders :)

I've also moved Sirius, but not very far and the Thames is now back on Red boards and stream increasing again, so I am now stuck where I am until the conditions improve. A useful website is the Environment agency page that shows the current river conditions for the Thames, it's a shame it's not a mobile friendly page, as I am sure there are a lot of people on their boats, especially live aboards who would like to be able to look up the latest information without having to download a 300k page on their mobile! How about being mobile friendly and providing a cut down text only version (or limited images) which could probably be nearer 5k in size?

Thames River Conditions Online

One option if your mobile supports it, is you can add their RSS feed to your mobile, my Nokia is able to read RSS feeds, it actually names them "Web Feeds", but at least that way you only get the information you need and none of the styling, images etc.

The URL for the RSS feed is:

Thames River Conditions RSS Feed

I hope this is useful for someone else :)


eeyore said...

Glad to hear about the windows. We arein the process of painting and wndow replacement which we hope will stop water ingress.

I love spiders so do not miond them coming in at all. They keep the flies and mosdges down.

Soryyou are stuck again. C'est la vie on the Thames! That'sw why I love the canals!

RG9 said...

Gillian Nahum of Henley Sales and Charter recommends Paul at Maine Windows too. I'm off there tomorrow!

If you have a template [preferably wood and definitely not paper or cardboard] and can fit the glass yourself, try JAT Glass at North Acton.