Thursday, February 12, 2009

High waters on the K&A

Well as those of you who living in the UK (and who actually read this in the next week or so) will know it has been raining cats and dogs over the last few days. The K&A is at it's highest point this year, the water was flowing straight over the weir on Tuesday night in the centre of Reading by the Loch Fyne restaurant.

I don't think there is a hope for me moving Sirius this weekend, for a start I won't fit under the first bridge with the current height of the water. Fingers crossed it comes down a lot in the next couple of days as I had hoped to move on Saturday, others I think it will be a weekend of boat spring cleaning and DIY, a job I must admit I have been somewhat postponing ;-)

I will see what the water levels are like this evening and if it's still as high as yesterday I will try and take a photo for the blog :)

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dundustin said...

Hi Chris

Just found your blog. Did you have a break in?
It will be six years before i buy my own liveaboard narrowboat but in the mean time I am putting together layouts and which heating systems are best etc.

Could you supply me with links to your boat interior?

looking forward to following your blog.