Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boat vandals...

Sirius was unfortunately broken into twice this week, I think by some local kids from the Theale / Reading area. They were apparently spotted a couple of times, the first time was after they smashed a window for the second time, and the second time they were spotted they were again hanging around Sirius, looking like they were about to cause trouble.

2 white boys and 1 black... all on bikes.. unfortunately that is all the description I have, but if you moor around the Theale area along the K&A keep an eye out!


Seth said...

I'm curious about the whole mooring on the shore and not having a set location for keeping the boats. I am planning a long term goal to get a boat in 5 years, move to the UK and run about the canals stopping, sharing, doing art, etc.. I'm curious about parking along the shore and sleeping for the night or do you legally need to tie up in a port??


Sorry to hear about the break in.

Unknown said...

Hi Seth,

It depends which waterway you are on. The UK canals and rivers are divided up into different waterways and managed by 3 or 4 different organisations, the main ones being the British Waterways and The Environment Agency.

On BW canals and rivers you can stay up to 2 weeks in any one place for free unless there is a sign saying otherwise. On certain rivers like the thames you can only stay in one place for 24 hours.

There are marina's all over the country when you can pay to stay for a lot longer, if you can find a space!

Good luck with your long term plan :)