Sunday, July 10, 2005

Tesco's to Pangbourne

Today with Yvonne we travelled from Tesco's in Reading along to Pangbourne. We fuelled up at "Better Boats" in Reading, 80 litres at 42p a litre! After travelling through Caversham, past Caversham Island (Pictured, I think) I dropped Yvonne off in Tilehurst to go and pick up her car, I continued alone through Mapledurham Lock, and had hoped to moor just the other side.

Not a chance.. there seems to be very little decent mooring space at Mapledurham, so I soldiered on to Pangbourne, where I was lucky enough to find a very friendly couple on a dutch barge called "Becky" a great looking boat I must say. They let me tie along side to them for the evening, thanks folks!

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