Thursday, January 28, 2010

Narrowboat heating

Well, my diesel heater was finally fitted near the end of November, a couple of months after I had hoped it would be, I wouldn't recommend Lee Valley boat yard if you want anything done quickly that's for sure, I was told the same by a fellow boater who had been living aboard moored near them for almost a month and in the end gave up waiting, I don't blame him.

I was somewhat stuck though, as they were the only people who I could find in the south east who specialise in Mikuni heaters and I wanted them to fully bench test the heater before fitting it, which they did and apparently everything is fine and the second hand heater I bought on eBay looks as though its never actually been used, so a good buy there :)

The next stage in getting heating fitted is of course ripping out the old pipework for the back boiler on my squirrel stove, getting rid of the old rusty radiators and fitting some nice new ones :)

I have ordered all my new radiators, pipe work fittings, HEP20 pipe work and values from a company called Discounted heating but unfortunately it seems the whole country is currently out of stock of 30cm high radiators, keeping my fingers crossed that their 2 week estimate is about right, I'd like to get them fitted when it is still cold to make all the hastle and money worth while :)


Narrow Boats said...

The benefits in the long term with changing from solid fuel heating to the new diesel system will be huge.

Many of the boats we sell, customers prefer this kind of system.

Unknown said...

Yes, I agree, although I am currently doing it more to increase the number of days a year my girlfriend is willing to stay on board than to sell her. ( the narrowboat, not my girlfriend ;-) )

abfab said...

Hi Chris
We are just deciding on heating for our 70' nb, soon to be built.Are we being silly by wanting a squirrel and a diesel?? I want to cover all eventualities as we are living aboard.

Unknown said...

Hi Trudy,

Sorry for the long delay in replying to you!

I will still have two solid fuel stoves on Sirius, I will have a Squirel (without a back boiler) in the living room, personally I think you can't beat a nice fire on a narrowboat, it might be a bit more hastle but it's always nice to see a real fire crackling away.

I also have another smaller stove in the "boatman's cabin" i.e. just below the steps at the stern of the boat, which in the winter time if you move your NB is excellent, it generates a lot of heat that rises out of the hatch where you would normally stand on a cold day, so that the person standing steering doesn't freeze into an icicle!

radiators fan said...

what sort of radiators are you using on the narrowboat with the new diesel system are they low level ones ?

NB Audrey Too said...

I also found Lee Valley boatyard slow to fix up a date to get work done, but that's been my experience with other boatyards too. They did a good job servicing my Mikuni heater... but obviously the diesel bill's risen.

Narrowboat Audrey Too said...

I mentioned that Lee Valley did a good job servicing my Mikuni diesel heater. I spoke too soon. Turned out that they'd missed some burnt out components and a few months later I had to get it serviced again.