Monday, July 05, 2010

Sirius is finally back home again!

I have finally managed to bring Sirius back to Berkshire after being moored for almost a year in and around London on the River Lee, Regents Canal, Grand Union Canal and of course the Thames.

It was good fun staying in London, but now Sirius needs some TLC and a good amount of DIY to get her back into shape. I am not looking forward to the painting!

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Anonymous said...

Chris - as a blogger you are a nightmare!!
2 yrs since your last post! Good to see some news.

Unknown said...

2 years Sue? I've posted at least a couple of blog posts every year since 2004!

Ok, I admit that I have sometimes not been very frequent in my postings :)

Anonymous said...

Right....come on, enough of this nonsense!! As potential baby boaters, we need all the help we can get, and the most helpful and interesting blog is yours, so hurry up and get up to date.....!


Claire & Hugh

Janet Banks said...

Hi I am wondering if you can help me, how can a trace someone who is living on a narrowboat.

Anonymous said...

could you tell me more about your narrowboat sirius please i.e date that it was built & by who e-mail me if poss at -