Monday, November 14, 2005

Kings Meadow to Thames Water in Reading.

Click on the image to enlarge itAfter trying to start a weeks holiday all weekend, it eventually started half way through today!

Melanie and I had planned to take a trip from Reading up to Lower Heyford, but, unfortunately this plan had to change...

The down side to a slow start in November, is the amount of daylight hours you have, and added to that having to stop for disel and water for over 30 minutes. We were lucky that the lady at the "Better Boating Company" took pitty on us, as apparently they are not normally open on a Monday. Unfortunately with the good news we could fill up with fuel and water came the bad news about lock closures!

Cleeve lock is closed! Which means we cannot go past Goring :( So there goes the idea of travelling up to Oxford and beyond.

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