Monday, April 06, 2009

Royal Navy takes delivery of 70ft narrowboat

I thought this was an interesting Narrowboat related bit of news from the This is Wiltshire website. The Royal Navy have bought themselves a 70' narrowboat! I wonder which of the following gadgets it has:

* bow thrusters
* Anti-GRP torpedos ;-)
* Helicopter Landing Pad? ( Something I was considering if I every become good enough at flying my model one :) )

In all seriousness though, they have bought the boat to allow service men and women to relax after a tour of duty, a pretty good idea as it will certainly be relaxing as we boaties all know :)


eeyore said...

The Navy already have a couple of bnarrowboats that frewuestly ply up and down the Oxford Canal from thier base at Calcutt Marina. They are nb Lafter and nb The Andrew.

It is fun to watch the antics of our heroic seaman as they get tangled upp in ropes trying to moor in the wind! They are just like us lesser mortals and often end up across the canal woth a WRN hanging onto the centre rope for dear life.

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

They also have Emma. Some times they are used by families and some times for Team Building exercises.
The best bit is they dont realise that the regulars on the cut know they are Navy boats.

Anonymous said...

Can you let me know how many navy boats they have and when is the best time to see the boats on the oxford canal