Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sirius has spent her winter in a health farm

Hi there blog readers!

For those of you who have subscribed to my blog, (which I was surprised about) I am sorry I've been so quiet over the last few months. As you have probably guess I have not done a lot of boating on Sirius over the winter months.

The good news is that during the last month Sirius has been to the Narrowboat equivalent of a health farm, aka. A boat yard! She has hopefully by now had the diesel leaks around the engine fixed and the exhaust replaced so that she can now breath out without forcing the rest of us to breath in her smokey breath! (of course, all timed to ensure she doesn't smoke inside herself before the July smoking ban!)


Anonymous said...

Health farm indeed...

Incidentally, something odd has just happened to your RSS feed; 2.5 years of posts (that I've not seen before) have just materialised.

Unknown said...

I've upgraded my Blog to the new Google Account enabled blog, and changed the template, so I guess one of these changes has effected the RSS feed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris
Just had a full service by a mobile boat engineer only to discover we need some welding done on our fuel tank - small hole fuel weaping out. Can you recommend any good welders?

Unknown said...

Hi Tracy,

Where abouts are you? I know of a few places I would trust to do the work, it will depend where you are though.



Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, so nice to see new entries here, and hope the new Blog account is good for you. However, are you aware that 1 or 2 other sites/blogs that I read show your blog as 'Serius'? I recently met up with a 'name' who is heading in your direction, and told him he should make contact with you and then was amazed to see he already had you as a 'link'!! But he didn't recognise the site name. email me if you'd like details