Sunday, July 24, 2005

Henley down to Maidenhead

We woke up this morning to find it was raining, and not just a light shower, proper rain :(

After deliberating for an hour whether to go or not, I decided to get up and start our journey towards Maidenhead. Yvonne stayed in bed, so I single handedly turned Sirius around, and headed along the Henley Regatta stretch, with an unbrella in one hand, and the rudder in the other.

Yvonne decided to get up just before the second lock, and arrived with a nice hot cup of tea, just what I needed as it was cold and horrible outside.

It rained most of the day, until the late afternoon when eventually the rain stopped and the cloud started showing signs of clearing as we were going past Cliveden Woodland and Gardens and Cliveden House

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, I've just found your site whilst following other folks' links etc. You seem to have left out so much info since first finding Sirius and some of your typos are real howlers! I will be starting a life afloat - albeit an elderly one - in the forseeable future, so need to read up on the kind of adventures and pitfalls that await. Sue