Friday, December 24, 2004

Leaving Sirius for Christmas with my relatives.

My mum and I moved Sirius from the British Waterway's mooring in the centre of Newark to the new King's Marina. They had space for us to moor for a couple of days over Christmas Day / Boxing day, as we were going to spend Christmas with my family. Before we left I thought I had a problem with the bilge pump.. (the things you learn about your boat as a newbie!)

I have two pumps, one was working and the other (I thought) was pumping water into the Bilge to clean it out.. so I went and found a chaldery open on Christmas eve, they were just having their Christmas Party, but I was still able to buy a new bilge pump and piping.

When I got back to Sirius and started trying to fit it, I suddenly realised that the pump I thought was used to bring water into the bilge, was infact meant to pump it out, it had just come un-attached, and hence was circulating the water! So, as soon as I re-attached it, we must have pumped out gallons of water! You live and learn as they say.

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