Friday, October 15, 2004

Survey Day.

Well, I drove up to Castleford on Wednesday evening, I had intended to leave work in good time, but in the end I did not leave the office until gone 10pm, which meant I arrived in Castleford at about 1:20am feeling very tired!

I stayed in a Travel Lodge (note to self the Premium Inn around the corner was cheaper!) and this morning I drove over to the Hargreaves dry dock.

On arrival I found that Sirius was not in the dry dock, and infact, another boat called Sagacity was in the dry dock, after having it's bottom blacked the day before.

A couple of hours later, the guys at Hargreaves had sorted things out, and Sirius was at last dry docked.

The Surveyor Bill then set to work checking the Hull, along both sides and on the bottom, not the most pleasent part of his job! The thickness of the steel was between 8mm and 4.6mm, which apparently should be fine for another couple of years, after which some replating may be required.

Bill then had a good look at the Engine, and determined that there were quite a few problems with the engine, starting with the electrics, the fuel leads should be re-routed and the exhaust pipe needs repairing.

Bill also pointed out quite a few smaller items that would require attention to ensure Sirius would passed a safety certificate inspection.

Because of the additional work, I offered the owner a lower price, and we came to a satisfactory mid point :) which I think is a fair price for this condition boat.

I will post some photos in the morning!


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