Thursday, September 02, 2004

The adventure begins.

I have decided to buy a Narrowboat, and thought I would log my experiences from start to finish using a blog! I hope someone finds it to be an interesting read one day :)

I have decided to see if I can keep a blog going about my experiences through the buying process, any restoration and then life with a canal boat. So watch this space :)

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More Than My Genes said...

Weirdly - at the time you thought about buying a narrow/canalboat, so was I, then I decided Cornwall was a better option and moved there. My very dear friend is on a 'try before you buy' boat now in Norfolk and I am envious. It is a holiday I have yet to go on, canal boating..would love to. Not sure how you found my blog but I am grateful for your following. As I used to be into telecomms and I love canals and all things outdoors, I am going to follow your adventure too!